How I choose my ingredients.

Just like cooking from scratch, a good soap or lotion recipe is customized to use the ingredients that give you the best results.  Every ingredient I use is chosen carefully because of the qualities it gives my product.  I care about what goes on your skin!   I use cocoa, shea, kokum & mango butters for their rich conditioning.  Olive, safflower, sweet almond, avocado & grapeseed oil are very moisturizing.  Goat’s milk has amazing properties that make it a natural for great skin care. It contains vitamin A, selenium, caprylic acids & lactobacillus.  The naturally occurring lactic acid & AHAs are gentle exfoliants. 


When the protective lipid layer of your skin is stripped away with harsh surfactant based cleansers, it can react with inflammation and an over production of oil.  This can cause skin dryness, irritation and breakouts.

Please know that no soap can “cure” any skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, but a mild soap high in nutrients and fatty acids can give your skin the best foundation for healing.