Welcome to Prairie Wind Soap!

My name is Paula and I'm chief soap maker here.   My little piece of the Oklahoma prairie is just outside Norman. 

I've always believed simple things are often the best things.  I was concerned about the huge list of not-so-natural ingredients in everyday products that we use on our skin.  Many commercially made soaps contain possibly hormone disrupting parabens, detergents and phthalates.  Frankly, my hormones are disruptive enough on their own, so I'll gladly skip those!



Don't fear the term "lye soap", there IS no real soap without using lye.  During the process, the lye and fats are changed into great soap.  There is no lye remaining after the curing process.  A good goat's milk soap is amazingly gentle and great for your skin. My soap is produced in small batches, using the cold process method.  I have done extensive research on the best oils and butters for skin, but rest assured...no testing is done on animals, just my squeaky clean family and friends.

I thank you for considering my products.  I'm adding new things all the time.  Please let me hear from you if you have any questions. 

Thanks again, and have a blessed day!