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Shower Steamers - Singles

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Prefer showers to baths, but still want to indulge your senses?  Our shower steamers create a wonderful steamy aromatherapy session using simple ingredients and essential oil blends.

Each scent is a different experience.  

Rest & Relax is a calming blend of lavender and sage.  Perfect for unwinding and clearing all the stress out of your mind.

Blooming Citrus  a fresh blast of tropical citrus is the best description of this amazing new scent.   I’ve only released it two days ago and it’s already a best seller.  It’s very similar to Volcano scent, though we are in no way affiliated with Capri Blue.  

Just Breathe is a very potent blend of menthol, eucalyptus and mint.  It will clear your head and soothe your senses.

Ingredients:  Baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch and essential oil/fragrance blend, water.


Do NOT use on children under 16.  Not for use in bathwater.  Keep package tightly closed between uses to keep product fresh.  Keep out of reach of children.